Saturday, 14 May 2011

Velcro flags

It is interesting to see how in the American Army Combat Uniform (ACU) the US flag is not sewn, but simply attached with velcro.

Why is it not permanent?

Are American soldiers going to remove it at some stage of the fighting and swap to a "flag of convenience"?

Maybe become Canadians instantly?

Other NATO armies use velcro only for the IR flags (infra-red), with the true colours properly sewn.

Chinese soldiers also have they flags proudly sewn on their left shoulders...

flags in US and Chinese army uniforms

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Ulanigida Yona said...

Probably velcroed so they can change from U.S. to U.N.

Then noticed something disturbing - per regulations the blue field is to be at the viewer's left. In this pic it is backwards! Why?