Monday, 26 March 2007

Salazar: elected the "Greatest Portuguese of all time"

Portuguese premier Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, close-up - 1960 - photo by Paul Schutzer for Life magazine

Portuguese television viewers have voted 20th century politician and professor of economics and political economy António de Oliveira Salazar as the greatest Portuguese of all time. It was a clear victory, Salazar received over twice the votes of the runner up.

It took Portugal 67 years to acknowledge the obvious, as already in its edition of July 29,1940, Life Magazine described premier Salazar as "By far the world's best dictator, he is the greatest Portuguese since Prince Henry the Navigator".

As early as 1962 Salazar applied for European Community membership for Portugal. A fervorous patriot, he was also a believer in Europe's values, shared mission in the world and in the inevitability of a united future.

Salazar with a signed Mussolini portrait on his desk - Life magazine 1940 - photo by Bernard Hoffman
Salazar receives US President Dwight D. Eisenhower - May 1960 - photo by Ed Clark for Life magazine

Salazar - cover of Time Magazine, July 22, 1946 - capa da revista Time
Salazar with Queen Elizabeth II (1957)
Salazar and the Galician leader of Spain, Francisco Franco
Salazar, the professor - statue in academic dress - replica of a 1937 work by the sculptor Francisco Franco - it used to stand in front of the Salazar high-school, in the capital of the province of Mozambique, Lourenço Marques  
Salazar with president Carmona - Roman / Fascist salute
Salazar looks at the Ocean - Portugal's only constant friend - Forte de Santo António do Estoril - photo by Rosa Casaco

Update (April 5, 2009):
According to a new book by Costa Pimenta the man was even a freemason! He was initiated in 1914 in Coimbra, by the lodge Revolta n.º 336, of the oldest Masonic Obedience in Portugal, the Grande Oriente Lusitano (GOL).
(see "Salazar, o maçon", Costa Pimenta, Bertrand Editora, Lisboa, 2009 - 972251914X, 9789722519144)

Not really a surprise: all the main pillars of the Estado Novo were freemasons. All the presidents of the Republic, all the presidents of the National Assembly, all military commanders, all the attorney generals, all the presidents of the Supreme Court, all the presidents of the Supreme Administrative Court, all the presidents of the Court of Appeal, all District Governors, all police chiefs, all directors of the public televison (RTP)... were Masons.

Salazar, the freemason (Salazar, o maçon) - book by Costa Pimenta, University of Lisbon researcher


Tristan Bailey said...

There's no way he was a freemason. He was a devout Catholic (an ex-seminarian) and moved to suppress freemasonry in Portugal.

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Μιχάλης Καματερός said...

fascists everywhere!