Monday, 14 December 2009

Catalonia votes for independence

In a first in the 'balkanic' state that is Spain, one of the nations tries its hand at an independence referendum.
The ballot stems from a coalition of Catalan nationalists, comprisinge left-wing parties and former members of the biggest political group in Catalonia, the conservative Convergencia i Unio

Sure, it is an unofficial, non-binding act, but still an harbinger of things to come. Many in Catalonia hope it is the first step towards a formal consultation for a separate state. Many in Euskadi and Galicia are looking at the experience. At present the Spanish constitution does not allow a real referendum on secession.

Results showed almost 95 percent of those who voted wanted Catalonia to leave Spain, to become an "independent state within the European Union". However the turnout was rather low an only about 30%.

Catalonian nationalists should thread carefully, a binding referendum needs a long period of preparation. Failed referenda like in Quebec, may postpone a nation indefinitely!

Flag of Catalonia