Monday, 14 June 2010

Gaza's borders

Map of Gaza, a territory wich borders both Egypt and Israel

All this emphasis on the Gaza blockade sounds rather silly when you look at the map.

Gaza has a border with Egypt, the Arab and Muslim "friends" of Palestine.

Gaza is not an enclave in Israel!

Yet, the Egyptians choose to have the Rafah border closed or on reduced flow most of the time. This applies both to people and goods. Even if the Egyptians consider most Gazans to be to unsavory to cross the border, they could choose to allow imports and exports.

So, no fleet of trucks to be sent across the Sinai desert?

All the Arab rhetoric sounds very cynical when Egypt chooses to keep its own border everything but close.

May we guess that Egypt is not terribly in love with Hamas?
... on the other hand it is scary to think that Turkey is! The AK party shows its true colours.
Rafah crossing - links Egypt to Gaza


M.Durruti said...

... furthermore: Egypt has just denied passage in the Suez to the Iranian "aid" ship bound for Gaza... who is blocking who?

Y said...

Gaza = Terrorism