Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Catalonia: the time is now

time for an independent Catalonia within the EU has arrived

Catalan Prime Minister Artur Mas said that if CiU wins the Nov. 25 election in the region, Catalans will then vote on "self-determination" during the coming legislature.
"If the (Spanish) government turns its back and does not authorize any kind of a referendum or vote, it has to be done anyway,".
Catalonia needed to increasingly take "sovereign decisions, independently of whether it is possible to reach agreements with Spain," the premier said.
"It is the natural evolution of a nation to have a state," Mas said. "This dependence on the Spanish state is cutting the wings of our economic and social progress," he explained.
However, Mas said he did not want to speak of a "breakup" with Spain, given that European Union member states "can share a lot of things."

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