Monday, 8 June 2009

Pogonophobia - a word for this century

It is June 8, we celebrate the anniversary of the death of Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah (pbuh), the senior Islamic prophet, who died in 632, Christian Era.

The fear of the actions of the bearded modern followers of the man from Mecca has a good word for it:

Pogonophobia: fear of beards
noun, Etymology: from the old Greek words for beard (pogon) + fear (phobia).
The adjective form can also come handy these days: pogonophobic.

prophet Muhammad - a barbate representation accepted by the Shia 
(Muhammad created Islam when he was about 40. What was the prophet's faith before that event? A Jew? Christian? or simply an Idolater?)
tomb of the prophet Muhammad in Medina, Saudi Arabia - a must for those doing Hajj or Umrah
the prophet Muhammad after a massacre in a conquerred city