Thursday, 25 October 2007

The A380 enters commercial service

Champagne is in the air!

The Airbus A380 has entered service with Singapore Airlines!

Where is your 787 Dreamliner, Boeing?
Airbus A380 - Front View - on the runway
Airbus A380 - cockpit - intruments

Airbus A380 - Singapore Airlines

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Bombs of Ankara

These days Turks keep rattling sabres against the Kurds, shouldn't US aircraft be bombing Ankara?
After all ethnic cleansing in Kurdistan is a work in progress...
After the Armenian, Pontic Greek and Assyrian Genocides, can we stomach more from the Anatolian nation?

Toy for the boys

Jose Socrates on a Lego box - "porque nem todos podemos ser Engenheiros"

After all we can't all be engineers... or can we?
(pun on the strangely obtained civil engineering degree of Portuguese prime-minister Jose Socrates)