Wednesday, 20 August 2008

10 French soldiers killed in Afghanistan

EU flag with mourning black stripe
10 French soldiers were killed and 21 injured after Taliban guerrillas ambushed a patrol east of Kabul, in the Sarobi district.

This happened barely one day after president Sarkozy completed a tour of Afghanistan. Before this tragic events, opinion polls showed that less than 25% of the French supported France's role in the conflict, and yet even the French Communist Party favours the war!

Europe should be able to accept its casualties with pride, but for  its own wars and causes. Europe is accepting US orders in a war euohemistically called "Operation Enduring Freedom" that makes no sense and that is lost from the very first day!

Have politicians on both sides of the Atlantic forgoten the image of a castrated president Mohammad Najibullah hanging from a post in Kabu's Aryana Squarel? He was the Karzai of the Soviets...

Time is on the side of the Taliban, and even America's closest ally in the region, Pakistan, covertly supports them  through their Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The west need to cut its losses and leave Afghanistan immediately. Negotiate with Mullah Omar. What is the difference if the Taliban control the country now or in 5 years?

Once the Taliban are in power they must be talked to and traded with, otherwise we create a new Iran or North Korea.

After all the terrorists that plant bombs in the West are usually Saudi or Pakistani, not Afghans. The predominant ethnic group in the country and in the Taliban are the Pashtun, a proud Indo-European people that mostly wants to be left alone. The world will be better off living with the Taliban than fighting them, after all they are a lot less radical than our Saudi "allies".
Kabul 1992: president Najibullah and his brother executed by the Taliban

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Georgian games

The latest South-Ossetia crisis was initially presented as a David against Golias situation, with poor Georgia facing the "evil" Russian bear.

Politicians in the US and Western Europe (the latter with no excuse!) quickly accused Russia of a millions sins and of being the aggressor.

Time duly proved that the aggresion in fact came from Tblissi, probably looking for sympathy  from the West.

Nevertheless Europe needs to draw lessons from Mihail Sakashvili's games.

As the crisis started U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in Tbilisi, pledging U.S. support for Georgia's bid to join NATO!

Imagine this had become a fact before the crisis: Georgia a member of NATO.*
Would we have been dragged to war with Russia for the madness of Sakashvili?
Any expansion of NATO needs to be subject to the closest scrutiny. There is no place for the countries in the Caucasus or the Ukraine. Even the expansion to the Baltics and Poland was an error, causing all kinds of problems between Europe and Russia, to the satisfaction of Washington DC.
In fact we must ask: what is in it for us, Western Europeans?
Liquidate NATO and we will be better off!!
(This irresponsible behaviour is a reminder of Kennedy's idiotic decision to place nuclear missiles in eastern Turkey, on the border with the USSR, that led to the so called Cuban missiles crisis and the world to near nuclear war.)

*Parallels must also be seen for Turkey's application for EU membership.

Condoleezza Rice and Mikhail Sakashvili in Tbilissi
South Ossetia war map - 2008