Sunday, 12 February 2012

Keynesian economics: Nazis from space - Iron Sky

Some Keynesian economists say that a good solution for the crisis would be an alien invasion... comparing it to WWII, something that would mobilize the entire planet.

Well, maybe they can have a fantasy with the best of both worlds: Timo Vuorensola's new movie "Iron Sky" where Nazis from the dark side of the Moon invade Earth (premiered yesterday... in Berlin).

Well, let's face it: the III Reich made a fabulous use of Military Keynesianism, maybe the Moon invaders will remember an NSDAP economics trick or two by the likes of Kurt Schmitt, Alfred Hugenberg or Walther Funk.
Iron Sky - Nazi fortress on the Moon - Swastika building - further Military Keynesianism?

Iron Sky - Nazi classroom - teaching German virtues on the Moon - maybe austerity versus Keynesian incentives